My Al Jazeera: Finland, the Baltics & Poland prepared well for Gazprom’s cutoff. Germany & Austria did the opposite, putting EU at risk.

ABOVE is English audio — BELOW is Arabic video. Recorded live; Al Jazeera, 21 May 2022.

I told Al Jazeera that Finland is well prepared, having worked since 2017 with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – the Baltic states – and with Poland to connect them all together with new pipelines, also to access LNG, storage and soon, new supplies from Norway.

Finland has also rented a regasification ship, from a US firm, to receive 5 billion cubic meters per year of LNG, whch will be plenty to supply both itself and Estonia in the wake of Putin cutting off Gazprom supplies of natural gas. Finland refuses, as did Poland too, to pay Moscow in rubles and so are being punished by Putin.

They were well prepared and had no illusions. As I mention here, Germany and others (e.g., Austria) did the exact opposite, and became even more dependent on Russian gas imports.

Putin now is risking losing, step-by-step all his customers for gas from Western Siberia’s Urengoy and Yamal peninsula. It would take from five-to-ten years to build new, very expensive pipelines to start shipping this now-stranded Russian gas to China instead. This will be a big hit to the Kremlin’s ability to wage war against Ukraine.

Listen for more details.

Tom O’Donnel

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