My Nexus TV: Sanctions hobble Putin; we agreed in London, Berlin, Kyiv & Moscow | Me: Putin must sell oil/gas at any price; they’ll be sanctioned too

My comments start at timestamp 15:20.

TRT’s Nexus with Matthew Moore, was recorded 30 April 2021, from London.

My fellow guests were:

  • Patrick Boyle, Professor of Finance at Kings College — London, UK
  • Andrii Dligach, Co-Founder of the Centre for Economic Recovery — Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Maxum Bouev, Vice Rector at the New Economic School — Moscow, Russia
  • Myself, Thomas O’Donnell, Energy and Geopolitical Analyst, also teaching in — Berlin, Germany

My further comment: Russian oil can perfectly well be sanctioned now by Europe, and they should do it. It would deprive Putin’s regime of his main remaining source of income. Natural gas will be more difficult, but it is also possible to be sanctoned. It shoudl be done.

TRT Show promo reads:

Russia is being squeezed! Western sanctions have hit Russia hard but are they enough to bring the conflict to an end? Sanctions targeted financial systems and oligarchs, but Russia still holds enough power as the main supplier of gas to Europe.

This week on Nexus we speak to Patrick Boyle, a Professor of Finance who says sanctioning the Central Bank was more important than Swift. Thomas O’Donnell, an Energy and Geopolitical Analyst thinks US and Germany relations will remain tense while Russia is still supplying Europe with gas. Maxim Bouev, Vice Rector of the New Economic School in Moscow believes that sanctions are a good weapon and Andrii Dligach, a Ukrainian and Co-founder of the Centre for Economic Recovery says the only way to hurt Russia more is to place sanctions on oil and gas.


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