My Al Jazeera. Turbine-in-Canada: Germany gets it back for Russia. Ukraine objects | EU gas crisis looms: Winning this economic war will have costs

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I was interviewed today, 11 July, by Al Jazeera about the Siemens compressor for Nord Stream 1 (NS1) gas pipeline sent by Gazporm to Canada for repairs. Russia cut 60% of the usual 55 billion cubic feet/year (bcm) flow to Germany (and on into other countries) on 17 June claiming it can’t supply more without the compressor returned.

Germany asked for it to be send to Germany and they’d return it to Russia to get Nord Stream 1 flowing. Obviously, Germany is very concerned that there will be a shortage of gas and a major crisis in Germany and the EU if this pipeline flow is cut for long. Putin may cut it anyway, at any time. Certainly, he seems to be planning a 2022-23 wintertime cut to cause a crisis, hoping to disrupt the countries allied with Ukraine against his war there. This is an Economic War of the western alliance of the USA, Canada, EU and others against Russia and its few alliess alongside the hot war in Ukraine.

Ukraine objects to the turbine being returned to Russia and to any sanctions excemptions.

I explained, further, that Germany and the EU cannot acquire full replacements if Putin cuts the flow of Russian gas, not for likely two or more years. In the coming winter, there would be rationing, some non-essential firms would be ordered to shut, homes would have to tur down heating and conserve gas, and there would be a major hits to EU and other states’ GDPs.

This is economic war.

I ended saying that the EU, USA and west must realize there is no pain-free way to wage economic war against Putin’s war in Ukraine. Citizens and firms will have to sacrifice to win. This is very serious.

Read more: Here’s an extended article on this, by a friend in Ukraine – energy expert Mikhail Gonchar

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Georg Zachman at Bruegel, Brussels, with a Chancellor Scholz video link discussing this:

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