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Our modern “Fire Water” addiction: From Native American salesmen

The Seneca Nation of Indians  reservation.  NE of Buffalo, NY

Yesterday, I went with my brother from his small farm (en America Latina se dice “una finca” ) to the nearby Seneca Indian Nation Reservation (here is the nation’s official web site), to buy gas for his pickup.  Many of the locals hereabouts do this frequently.  The Seneca are, by treaty with the US federal government, a sovereign nation, so they are not required to charge federal or NY State taxes on gasoline.  So, there are a few very busy gas stations on the Continue reading


Cracks in OPEC – Political-Economic basis for two factions with two different geopolitical roles

Northampton, MA (Area of “the five colleges,”  UMass Amhers, etc.)

On Thursday, the lead headline story in the WSJ asserted “New Cracks in Oil Cartel: OPEC Fails to Agree on Production Boost Amid Rising Saudi-Iran Tensions.”  The “cracks” may have widened at this meeting, but they are hardly “new.”  Continue reading