Al Jazeera asks: What if Gazprom cuts Nord Stream1? EU strategy rests on solidarity. | As Putin’s EU gas trade dies, he can weaponize it once or twice more.

English audio track is above. – Arabic video is below here.

19 July 2020. I was interviewed by Al Jazeera (Arabic here; English audio is at GlobalBarrel[dot]com) about the strong possibility that Gazprom might not turn Nord Stream 1 back on this Thursday, or might soon thereafter cut its flows to Germany and Europe.

This would mean a severe EU gas crisis this winter.

We discussed what the EU plans to do to prepare? The key will be solidarity in sharing sparce gas between Member states and, within Member states it will depend on rationins and conservation, including closing of less-critical businesses when necessary. How effective will these measures be?

How would a gas crisis – a significant shortage of natural gas for home heating and to keep businesses running – affect EU solidarity in support of Ukraine? What is very clear is that the entire EU defense in this economic and energy war hangs on the solidarity of its citizens and Member states.

Thanks for listening to my analysis.

Go to for the English audio track for this video.

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